Josito García improved 20 places in Moto3; Edgar Pons injured and Solís finished one of the two races

The Argiñano & Ginés Racing Team did not have a good weekend at Estoril. The expectations were better than what is reflected in the results. From our three riders, only García in Moto3 took points.

In Moto3, Josito started from 31st and improved a lot during a race that saw many crashes. The rider from Valencia crossed the finish line in 11th, gathering his first points. The race was won by Manuel Pagliani.

In the first Moto2 race, there were wet patches, but our riders went out on slicks. Edgar Pons started from 7th and a few laps after the start he was already 5th, in a group of four riders that were fighting for the third place of the podium. Six laps from the end, though, he was out of contention for the podium and a little later, with 4 laps left, he crashed and injured his right ankle. The place where he crashed was critical for other riders too, there could have been some liquid patch. Meanwhile, Solís went out of track and crashed in lap 3, when he was 9th, after touching another rider in the chicane, but he returned to the track to recover the position a couple of laps later, setting his best times of the race. He crossed the finish line in 16th place – taking advantage of the loss of some other riders – which was the first priority. That race was won by Ivo Lopes, a Portuguese rider with a Supertock 600.

In the second race, Edgar was ready to race, but in the first lap, an electric failure left him out of the race. Meanwhile, Benny was up to 11th, but in the 7th lap he crashed in the same area as in the first race, he was able to continue, but a lap later he had to return to the pit lane and retire. It was a much faster race than the first, as the conditions were better. Victory went to the Swiss rider Raffin.

Moto2 #57 EdgarPons –Kalex / crash/- It was a complicated weekend. In the first race there were mixed conditions and it was difficult. The fifth was a good position, but in the second corner I rode over the same place as the lap before, and I went out flying. My foot was swollen, but even then, I wanted to compete in the second race, it was a pity to have that electrical failure. But we know we’re strong and I want to thank the team for their great job. A pity to leave with 0 points, but we keep the motivation”.

Moto2 #35 Benny Solís –Kalex / 16º/abandono: “I’d say the weekend was overall positive, because we learnt so much. It was quite complicated conditions this weekend but I got to ride in all different types of weather. In the first race, I was very happy with my start, I went from 13th to 7th. Then I was in a battle with four different riders. I was a little bit too aggressive, I touched another rider’s rear wheel and I crashed, but luckily a small crash and I was able to finish. Even though I crashed I finished 16th. For the second race it was another great start, mostly dry but still wet spots. Unfortunately, in the last corner I went a little bit wide while I was battling for 8th, I ended up touching the water and I crashed pretty hard. Overall, the team worked very well, the bike felt very good. I hope this weekend was the most complicated with the weather and hopefully to have more consistent results. We’ll leave the weekend behind us and only take the positives.”

Moto3 #20 Josito García García –KTM / 11th: “We finished the weekend well. Yesterday, the Qualifying wasn’t good. Today, in the warm up I felt comfortable, it was on wet tarmac and I finished 12th. And knowing that the track conditions weren’t good, I did a good start, pushing. In the first lap I already passed the 14th and caught up with the front group until the end. They are 5 very important points. Starting from such a delayed position, it’s not easy to improve. I’m happy. I want to thank the team for their job. I hope to do better in Valencia for the next race”.

Anscari Nadal, Technical Manager: “Overall, it’s a weekend to forget. Although I want to highlight that Josito did a great race in Moto3. There were crashes, but by mid-race he was matching the times of the podium positions. He’s got potential. In Moto2, Benny is happy because he sees he can do well, but he is too eager. Edgar is disappointed about the crash in the first race and not having been able to enjoy the second race. We aim to fight for the championship with him and these are two zeroes that will be difficult to recover, but we need to look ahead”.

Moto2 races of the FIMCEVREPSOL in Estoril:

Carrera 1

Carrera 2

Moto3 race of the FIMCEVREPSOL Moto3 in Estoril:


Karlos Arguiñano, Team Owner: “The feelings for 2018 are good. We already know Edgar; Benny I think will improve a lot and Josito is doing well. We have great expectations to do well this season. We’re happy with the team we have”.

We already started. In a month we will fight again with our Moto2 and Moto3 rivals at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, hoping it will be better. Until then, be happy!

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