Edgar Pons gathered some valuable points but could not get on the podium; good races by Benny Solís and Íñigo Iglesias

The Sunday of the remains of Hurricane Leslie, or not so much; this is how we might remember today’s round of the FIM CEV Repsol in Albacete. The rain arrived before it was forecasted, as it already affected the first Moto2 race, and the second had to be stopped after 10 laps due to the heavy rain… waiting for it to pass in order to do 5 more, although the organizers were forced to cancel it definitively. The pit lane and garages were flooded with several centimetres of rain, the power went out in the facilities and even the TV signal went out.

The rider of the Argiñano & Ginés Racing Team, Edgar Pons, leaves Albacete with no podiums. The first race was delayed because it started raining hard and the teams had to react to change the setup on the grid. Edgar went out with no reference and paid for it with the sixth place while Benny Solís, who still has problems with his back, suffered a lot as he was forced to change his riding style, leaving the bike more vertical and himself hanging more from the Kalex. Nevertheless, he was able to compete in the second race.

A second race that the American rider was able to lead for a while, because he was holding not to enter the boxes and change the tyres. But when it started to rain harder he was forced to stop, and finished ninth, his best result up to now! Meanwhile, Edgar was fighting in the leading group. The team did an splendid job changing the tyres in the rain and he went back to the track with chances to win. When the red flag appeared, the Catalan rider was third, but only his fourth place of the lap before counts. In the second race, Edgar showed a great riding but was not able to get on the podium. Congratulations to Jesko Raffin, who secured the Moto2 European Championship title.

In Moto3, our Basque rider Íñigo Iglesias made his debut in difficult conditions and passed with flying colours. He finished, after a good first half of the race on wet tarmac and a second half with a drying surface and naturally tired, as the races in this category are longer and more demanding.

Edgar Pons will continue riding in the next few weeks, as he will finish the World Championship season with the Speed Up Team, with which he already competed in the Thailand GP last weekend. We wish him the best of luck and we will wait for him with Benny and Íñigo to finish the season in the best possible way in Valencia on November 25th.

Moto2 #57 EdgarPons –Kalex / 6th /3rd: “The bad weather affected the races. The first race was complicated due to a less than ideal setup, with no practice in the rain and I didn’t feel perfect either. We weren’t able to fight. In the second race we all went out with slick tyres and that was a risk, so we had to stop from the third lap. The team did a great job with the tyre change. I was nearly on the podium when the red flag went out and then the conditions were even worse. It was a pity, because we had the pace to do it very well. Anyway, I’m very happy with the team’s work. We’re competitive on dry tarmac and we need to improve on wet. I’ll try to win the last race in Valencia”.

Moto2 #35 Benny Solís –Kalex / 16th/9th: “It was a crazy race. When I saw the rain dropping I thought they would red flag it so I pushed hard to get to the front. I was able to get to 1st position and I was waiting for the red flag but it never came out, in fact, Yesko passed me with rain tires so I saw that people were coming in to change tires. It was so slippery but my bike had good feeling so I could ride on the limit well. I finally came in to also change to rain tires but it was 1 lap too early. In the end we finished 9th after the red flag which is our best result so I am happy. My back was a problem at this right track but we have a month so I hope to be much more recovered and in better shape for the final race.”

Moto2 FIM CEV Repsol Races in Albacete:

Race 1.

Race 2.

Moto3 #58 Íñigo Iglesias –KTM / 28th:“The race went well, I felt more comfortable as kilometres went by, but by mid-race, with rain setup and the tarmac drying, everything changed. I had to pull the bike up to accelerate and then is when I started losing places, but the important thing is that we got to the end. Now, I’ll get ready for the next.”.

Moto3 FIM CEV Repsol Races in Albacete:

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