The Argiñano & Ginés Racing Team finished the year with four riders in Valencia.

The Argiñano & Ginés Racing Team rider, Edgar Pons, achieved today at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Cheste his objective to win the Moto2 race of the last round of the 2018 European Championship. The Catalan rider finishes as runner-up with four victories, one more than the Champion, Jesko Raffin. Edgar deployed a smart strategy and was able to win without any surprises. Meanwhile, his team mate Benny Solís, still with back pain, has been all race around the top10 and, although complaining about lack of grid, was able to finish satisfied. In fact, he finished 12th, but the disqualifying of two riders allowed him to get his best result.

Moto2 #57 Edgar Pons –Kalex / 1st: “”It was a positive race, with a good start and soon two of us were able to build an advantage. It was difficult to ride with the high wind and that is why I decided to stay behind Garzó to study the situation. A few laps before the end I passed him and built a bit of space until the Finish line. I’m happy to finish the day like this. I want to thank the team and the AGR family for a job well done. About the Championship, it was a pity about Estoril, because after that we showed our potential with a good team work. We’ll keep training to be in the best possible shape”.”.

Moto2 #35 Benny Solís –Kalex / 10th: “Firstly, I want to thank the AGR and all its members for this season. I learnt a lot, specially this last weekend. In today’s race I had some problems with the Kalex that forced me to change my riding style to set a good pace. I didn’t finish where I wanted, but I learnt how to push in another way and that’s important for the future”.

Moto2 FIM CEV REPSOL race in Valencia:

2018 Moto2 FIM CEV REPSOL Final Classification:

Meanwhile, in Moto3, our two riders, Iñigo Iglesias and Brandon Paasch, must be congratulated for their tenacity. None of them finished the first race. Iñigo showed his determination and made a good impression on the team, where he arrived with the now finished season already advanced. If he improves his starts, he will get good results. Meanwhile, Paasch arrived injured in Valencia, but endured the whole weekend. He crashed in the first race due to a cold tyre and the consequences of that crash didn’t allow him to do more than two laps in the second race.

Moto3 #58 Iñigo Iglesias –KTM / DNF /25th: “During the first race I felt well, with a good start and good passes. Conditions were difficult, with wind, but I felt well, and I was able to get to 21st after starting 35th. But three laps from the end I lost control of the front tyre and I crashed, but I insist, I felt well and set good times. In the second race it was similar, overtaking consistently until I finished 25th. I leave Valencia happy, and very grateful to the team and the sponsors for their support”.

Carrera 1 del FIMCEVREPSOL Moto3 en Valencia.

Moto3 FIM CEV REPSOLrace 2in Valencia:

2018 Moto3 FIM CEV REPSOL Final Classification

Another exciting race season is finished. The Argiñano & Ginés Racing Team wants to thank riders and technicians for the job done this season, which allowed us to keep being one of the reference teams of the FIM CEV Repsol, with podiums and victories. We want to improve the level for 2019. Thank you also to all the fans that follow us in the circuits and the social media, you’re your support. Be happy and eat with a good foundation. See you soon!

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