Iñigo Iglesias finishes 31st in his first race of the season 

After finishing the official classifications of the French Gran Prix, our riders raced in the classic Le Mans race. An event exclusively for Moto3 riders and that, because of track conditions and the time, it is usually complicated for the riders.

A race for the best of 17 laps where our riders, Gerard Riu, and Iñigo Iglesias, arrived in different conditions. Riu wanted to reach the Top5 after a good feeling in the official sessions and Iglesias, who finished the final section of the QP2 with good sensations, wanted to accumulate experience and laps during the race.

Gerard Riu has left France with 1 point and the sensation of having enough rhythm to compete with the fastest in Moto3.  The rider from Catalonia started 8th of the grid but suffered an unfortunate action that made him lose several positions and see the head of the trace from a distance.  Despite that, Gerard has continued working and fighting for the points area, to finally finish 15th.

In turn, Iñigo Iglesias has finished 31st. A ride-through due to moving on the starting grid before the start of the race delayed him, but the Basque rider has used the race to obtain as much information as possible on his bike and build for the future. In any case, Iñigo has completed his first race of the season and has offered us a glimpse of his potential in the category.

The next race of the calendar in the FIM CEV Repsol takes us to the month of June, where Moto2 and Moto3 will compete on the Barcelona-Catalonia circuit.

Gerard Riu 15th: “It has been a complicated day for me. I made a mistake in the first lap, losing several positions. Little by little I have climbed several positions, but everything was lost. I want to apologise to the team and think of the next one”.

Iñigo Iglesias 31st: “A sweet-sour race for me. We knew that we started from the back after what happened yesterday. At the start, after moving a bit on the grid I was sanctioned with a ride-through, impeding that I can fight for my position. On the other hand, when I returned to the track, I have pulled with another colleague of the category to obtain good conclusions for the second half of the season. Due to the circumstances, the race and what I have learnt was good”.