In Moto3, Gerard Riu starts in 6th position.

Back to work for Moto2 and Moto3 categories, after competing at Le Mans in May only for the smallest category.  Therefore, our four riders have returned full of energy and illusion to one of the favourite circuits for all riders, the Barcelona-Catalonia circuit. Today’s session marked by good conditions during the entire day. But especially in the morning due to the high temperatures in the afternoon, have promised that our four riders could give us good news.

One again, the rider of the day has been Edgar Pons, who will start from pole position.  And this is good news, although a repetition.  The leader of Moto2 was comfortable once again on his Kalex and although in QP1 he made the second-best time, behind only Montella, in the second practice he has demonstrated again why he is the clear candidate to obtain the continental title. Reducing his morning time was not easy, and thanks to the effort between rider and technical team, they achieved it. Tomorrow, his sole objective is to add two victories and become more leader of the category.

Regarding Benny Solís, he has had the most difficulties during the official timing sessions. Although physically he is now at a good moment, his lack of feeling with the front suspension of the bike has impeded being in the Top15. Tomorrow he will try new solutions with the team during the Warmup, to find that step forward during the races. If he finds them, he can offer a good show on the Catalonian Circuit.

And in Moto3, the news has been very positive.  Some riders have evolved and have left magnificent sensations before the double event of tomorrow. Gerard Riu will start from 6th, at less than one second for the Poleman Deniz Öncü, showing perfect feeling with his bike during both sessions. On the other hand, Iñigo Iglesias has entered among the twenty best and taking advantage that several riders are at very similar times, will try to add the first points of the season.

Tomorrow we will be in 4 races. Two in Moto3, at 11:00 and at 14:00 and the Moto2 ones at 12:00 and at 15:00

Edgar Pons 1st (QP1: 2nd / QP2: 1st) 1:35.773: “I am very happy after finishing the Saturday session. This morning has been a little complicated, despite the temperature favouring us to ride faster in comparison with the afternoon. It was hard to find a couple of laps without riders in front of me and I have not done my best lap. This afternoon, our objective was to reduce the time of the morning. We have worked hard to adapt the boke to the conditions and the riding style. And we have managed it. We have improved, obtaining the pole. Tomorrow starting is very important and winning the two races to increase the distance regarding my pursuers”,

Benny Solís 23rd (QP1: 23rd / QP2: 22nd) 01:39.485: “It has been a complicated day. This means that the two last days have not been easy for me. Physically I feel well, but we are stuck on the lap times. I need to gin more confidence with the front suspension to offer my best version. Tomorrow we will try a solution in the Warmup, and it this works, we will apply it during the races”.

Gerard Riu 6th (QP1:  6th / QP2: 4th) 1:49.444: “I am happy.  In the morning, the conditions were better and thanks to a good Setting with the bike I have done a good lao to assure sixth place. In the afternoon we have tried improving certain aspects of the bike and we managed it, finishing fourth in QP2. Tomorrow we start from the top positions, with options for everything and above all, I want to thank the team for the work done.”

Iñigo Iglesias 20th (QP1: 20th / QP2: 23rd) 1:50.319: “It has been a positive day. I have taken a step forward, which was my objective for these two races. I have been very comfortable with the bike and I must thank my technicians and mechanics for the work done. Tomorrow will be an enjoyable race because I have a group and I will focus on making a good start to take the best position from the very start.