He finished 19th after a good race

Enthralling race Sunday for Gerard Riu in Motorland. After a weekend where our rider has been growing session by session, Sunday’s session has served to see his best version and that he could show all his potential. He finished 19th, near the points area, and showing that this weekend is much more than a prize or an experience.

The session started well from the Warm Up. Despite the wet conditions of the track, Gerard Riu went with everything right from the start. He finished 17th but for some periods he occupied tenth place of the last training before the race. Without doubt, the best show of confidence considering the race. And during the race, he went from minus to more. 

Although he did not gain positions at the start, after the first lap he imposed his rhythm to grow during the race. He managed to connect with the group that was fighting for access to the points area, and there, we saw a rider in pure state. Overtaking, spectacular dips and an emotion that has lasted until the last straight of the Aragon track. Finally he finished 19th, but he offered signs of being comfortable under the demands of the World Cup.

Next week our team returns to the normal activity with the FIM CEV Repsol. In this case, it will move to Jerez and both in Moto2 and in Moto3, the expectations are maximum. in addition, we will have the debut of Taiga Hada as companion of Edgar Pons.

Gerard Riu 19th : “It has been a great race. I have lost some of the positions at the start, but with my rhythm I was capable of pulling, until reaching a group near the points. Finally I finished 19th, but I have the sweet-sour flavour of having started at the rear of the grid. It has been a great experience and has helped me see which points I can improve”. 

Anscari Nadal (Technical Director): “The day has started with a great Warm Up. It changed the attitude regarding Saturday and we have seen the brave Gerard that we like. In the race, the start was normal, although we must work on that. But after the first lap he started to remount. He has finished first of the group, later he continued to pull until linking with the next group. And then, he was very comfortable. The objective of this weekend was to reach Jerez prepared to be able to win the race and I believe we are on that track.