In Moto2, Taiga Hada makes his debut and will try to add the first points from the 18th position.

After a long rest during the summer months, and despite the wild card of last week in MotorLand with Gerard Riu, our team has fully restarted once again in Jerez to face the decisive stage of the season. Weeks that have served to recharge the batteries and plan with its technicians as it should the weekend in Andalucía. And now, the day of the official timing, we have experienced situations.

One again, the rider of the day has been Edgar Pons, who will start from 3rd position. But his two sessions were not very simple. In both he has made the third best time, but the lack of rhythm because of the weeks of rest, impeded that he could feel fully comfortable on the track. Despite everything, and with the effect of this race in his possibilities of winning the championship before reaching Valencia, Pons has kept his calm and has been competitive. In addition, in Moto2 our latest incorporation has made his debut. Taiga Hada. The Japanese rider has offered good sensations during the entire day and in his debut in the FIM CEV Repsol he will try to gain points from the 18th position.

And in Moto3, head and tails. Gerard Riu on Friday sustained a fall that has impeded him riding comfortably and despite the pain in his wrist, he finished with the 23rd best time. In turn, Iñigo Iglesias has finished the day with a smile. Although starting from the 25th position, he is only one second from the poleman and if tomorrow all goes well, he could join the group that opt for the points.

Tomorrow we will be in 3 races. Two in Moto3, at 11:00 and at 14:00 and Moto2 at 15:00

Edgar Pons 3rd (QP1: 3rd / QP2: 3rd) 01:42.910: “It has been a complicated Saturday because we have not yet found the feeling. It has been a long summer, and when you have rested for so long, it notes. Tomorrow I believe that it will be a grouped race. I want to fight, and I should run with the leaders. I am fighting for the title and I must be intelligent. Both Garzo and Montella and me have similar rhythm.

Gerard Riu 23rd (QP1: 23rd / QP2: 23rd) 01:47.387: “Yesterday I sustained a hard fall and my wrist is quite damaged. It is very difficult to brake hard and make rapid movements. I start from the back although we have not wanted to take excessive risks. Tomorrow we will see how I feel, what condition I am in for the start, but my idea is to try”

Iñigo Iglesias 25th (QP1: 25th / QP2: 17th) 01:47.552: “It has been a positive day. Together with my technician Albert we have achieved a good setting of the bike. In the official timing we have finished 25th at one second from the poleman, but with room for improvement. We have worked very well, and I feel I have rhythm. It will be very positive to make a good start and position ourselves in a leading group”