He approaches the last 3 races of the season with 53 points advantage.

A race Sunday that makes anyone smile. Return to the competition always is a reason for happiness and attaining a victory, even more. Yesterday we saw how Edgar Pons had not found the feeling with his bike, but there was a nice battle among the fastest of Moto2 planned. But today’s triumph, that takes him closer to the most desired championship, shows him as a rider that does well under any circumstance.

It has been a good race from start to finish. Although there was a sensation that Garzo and Montella could have more rhythm during the weekend. Selecting the right tyres was a key to be considered.  The performance even has surprised the entire team, that adding the mentality and talent of Pons, has resulted in a victory of more than two seconds over his followers. 

Regarding Taiga Hada, his debut was fantastic. We must not forget this is his first experience with Moto2 and his debut on the Andalusia track, and his response has been really good all three days. He has had rhythm, and this has served for him to evaluate the difficulty of this category. And what is sure is that in Albacete this will give us reasons for happiness. His 12th position has been very positive, in addition to starting excellently in the team. Good work!

In Moto3, Gerard Riu was not able to shine due to the problems of his wrist.  His pain during the entire weekend forebode some very complicated races, but the brave Catalonian rider has gone off the track in the morning race, finishing 17th. In the afternoon, the team has decided to avoid risks and not take part in the race. Its next objective is to try for victory in a few days in Albacete. In turn, Iñigo Iglesias sustained a fall in teh first race, in an accident without personal harm, but the bike was seriously damaged. In the second, he offered a very good version finishing 19th and very close to the points area.

Now there are a few days rest before visiting Albacete. A key meeting in  the calendar and where we expect to be on the podium in both categories.

Edgar Pons 1st: “The race has been very positive. We knew that it would be a very disputed race because Garzo and Montella had better rhythm than us. I suffered more in the first laps, but when it was just Garzo and me, we had a more tactical race. It wasn’t being rapid in the fourth sector and I decided to see how Hector rode in that sector, especially in curves 9 and 10. And when there were only 5 laps to the finish I managed to overtake and pull hard to obtain a difference. It was complicated, but we went away with the victory. I am very happy with the teamwork and now we have to think of Albacete”

Taiga Hada 12th: My first weekend in Jerez has been very complicated. In the Warm Up we have changed the suspension and the sensations were very good at the end of the session. In the race, I started with decision. The rhythm has been very high as I expected and I finished 12th, I think that is positive. In Albacete, I will try to take a step forward”.

Gerard Riu (R1: 17th / R2: NC): “It has been a complicated day. I tried to start first, the rhythm was not bad, but we are far from the head. In the second I tried it again, but I was in too much pain. Therefore, we decided to come in and centre on the next race”.

Iñigo Iglesias (R1: NC / R2: 19th: “It has been a bitter-sweet weekend. Although both on Friday as on Saturday I felt very comfortable, I did not have my best version in the races. In the first race I had a good start, but in the second lap I suffered a fall.  In the second race I fought well despite the temperature conditions of the track and I finished 19th. I would like to thank the entire team for their effort to repair my bike between one race and the other, because I finished quite damaged.