Edgar Pons wins the title after winning in the first race on Sunday.

Today has been a historic day for our team and for our rider Edgar Pons, the second time for both, we have obtained a title in the FIM CEV Repsol, in the Moto2 category. A hard worked and suffered success that after the victory in the first race of the day in Albacete became a reality. 

Edgar Pons on Sunday was full of confidence, with a large cushion of points, but with the typical tension of a historic day in his professional trajectory. But his response during the first race has been impeccable.  He dominated from start to finish, marking a very demanding rhythm for the rest of the grid and that has led him to add a special victory. His sixth triumph of the year and with which he has certified the European Championship. Jumps, smiles, tears of happiness and above all, sensation of satisfaction in the entire team for the work well done. 

In Valencia he must celebrate, after finishing the season. But seeing the paddock with our family cheering the Catalonian rider has become one of the historic moments of our team. Also, indicating that Taiga Hada has not been able to take part in today’s races.  Because after such a hard fall yesterday and while still lacking a few tests, the Japanese rider will have to go through surgery to repair his wrist.

In Moto3 we have seen Gerard Riu with rhythm but  abated due to the pains in his wrist. His start allowed him to stay within the leading group, but after a few laps had passed the pains grew, impeding us seeing the best version  of our rider. He finished 9th just a few seconds behind the winner, Alcoba. On the other hand, Iñigo Iglesias has not been able to start the race of this morning. A hard fall during the Warm-up, without physical consequences for the Basque rider, has seriously damaged the bike and repairing it in time for the race was impossible. 

Now we have a few weeks rest, but in November we will close the season with the last races in Valencia. An opportunity to celebrate the title of Edgar Pons and why not, dream with a podium in Moto3. Congratulations team!

Edgar Pons 1st (R1: 1st / R2: NC): “I am very happy for how the season has developed. Winning the season and how we managed it, makes me feel very happy in the end. Above all, I want to thank the team because since I arrived last year, we have been working a lot with Anscari, the mechanics and the rest of staff to improve. We have varied the setting and my riding method to make this title possible. I want to thank the entire Baiko Racing Team and dedicate this success to them. Now there is still one race in Valencia, and my aim is to finish the season winning”.


Gerard Riu 9th: “It has been a very hard-fought race and it was clear from the start that it would turn out like this. We knew that it could cost me some due to the pain in my wrist and it was. In the second part of the race I found difficulties to consolidate overtakes in the leading group and although I had rhythm, the pain abated. Due to the circumstances it has not been such a bad day. I want to thank the entire team and I am already looking forward to racing the last race of the season in Valencia.