Pons has achieved 7 of 11 possible victories

This morning in Valencia we have ended a memorable season.  A year that started in April with the objective of obtaining a title, and today on the Ricardo Tormo circuit of Cheste it finished with championship and victory.

Edgar Pons again has shown whey he is the best rider of Moto2. More than his 7 victories and domain in the majority of the same, his reading of each race has been an expert skill. And showing that, the victory he obtained today. During the entire weekend he has dragged problems with his back, which have impeded him lapping in comfort during the official timings.  In the race he has understood that patience could be decisive and after following Garzo during the entire race, on the last lap he passed him, finishing the season at the very top.  Victory and celebration of the championship as an ending in Valencia. Unbeatable. 

In turn, Brandon Paasch has continued with his positive evolution and has finished 12th.  A very important progress if we consider that this weekend was his first on a Moto2. Great work!

And in Moto3, we started the day with the confirmation of the dropout of Iñigo Iglesias. Bad news that forced the Basque rider to finish the season early after his fall yesterday.  Although Gerard Riu offered us a great comeback in the first race of the day.  Starting from 23rd position, he was able to be in the leading group and finish 10th after several spectacular passes.  The tails came in the second race, where he suffered a fall, without consequences for the rider, but which did not allow him to re-join the race.

As an end to this last chronicle of the season, we can only thank you all for the care and support you have always show. You’re very special!  You’re part of the Baiko Racing Team family!

Edgar Pons 1:: “I’m very happy finishing the season that way. It has been a complicated weekend because of my back pains, but the race finished well. We knew Garzo was going to pull, I got behind him and I knew how to read the race. My moment was in sector 2 of the last lap. i waited for the opportunity and I passed him, it has been a pleasure to experience a season like that with a team like this. I want to thank all the members of the tea, because they have helped me grow in my sports career.”

Brandon Paasch 12th: “Sunday started bad, with a fall during Warm Up. Fortunately, the team could re-assemble the bike for the race. At the start of the race, I went from 16th to 9th in the first lap, but I could not maintain the rhythm of the leading group. I spent most of the race fighting for 12th place and although I was close to the top 5, i did not have the necessary rhythm to catch them. Generally, I am happy with my first Moto2 race. I want to thank everyone that has made this opportunity possible and I hope to return very soon”.

Gerard Riu (Race 1: 10th / Race 2: Retired): “It has been a bitter-sweet Sunday. During the Warm Up and the first race I had good sensations, gaining positions until finishing 10th after several touches. And in the second I was remounting until the fall. I feel bad finishing the season that way, when we all believed in our possibilities of being in the leading group in all races. I want to ask the team to pardon me for this bad weekend”.