The most awaited moment has arrived with the celebration of the first races of the championship. Exciting debut of our riders at the FIM CEV Repsol. Taiga Hada stood out this Tuesday getting a sixth and eighth position in Moto2 races.

Taiga Hada has been the most regular AGR rider in Portugal. Starting from the tenth place in the first race he made a good start overtaking some riders until getting to the fifth position. The high rhythm of the leading riders caused him to go back and face Adam Norrodin for the eighth position. He was overtakes by the Malaysian but Taiga won him in the last corner.

In the second race Hada knew how to improve his riding and he understood better the way to ride the bike. He reduced distances with the rivals, reaching a group formed by Xavi Cardelús, Alejandro Medina and Piotr Biesiekirski and fighting for fourth position. Despite trying, he failed to get the place, although he finished in a satisfactory sixth position.

Gerard Riu faced the race in the same way as the previous days. From the moment the traffic light went out he was determined to win the race. In just a few laps he was the leader. However, with a few laps to go, a crash relegated him to fourteenth place but Gerard was able to continue anf fight  to recover. Riu was passind his rivals until he finally he crossed the finish line in eleventh position.

Joel Kelso had his best day in Estoril and he found better feelings on the bike. The hard work of these days was finally showed in the only race in the category. The Australian, who started from the last rows, began to overtake the rivals until finally he finished in twenty-first position.


Moto2 race 1.

Moto2 race 2.

Moto3 race.

Anscari Nadal (Team Manager): It has been a very good start for the team this year. We are competitive in Moto3 and Moto2. In Moto3 we will fight for the championship and in Moto2 we will fight for being into top 5. It was a pity Gerard’s crash because we had a chance of winning the race. Taiga has taken a step forward in terms of riding. He undertands the bike much better and it has been seen that he had a rhythm to win the race. It was the first time that Joel was on this circuit, in this championship and on this bike, so I cant not ask anything else. I’m happy with his performance.”

Taiga Hada (R1: 8º / R2: 6º): “It was the first race of the season on a new circuit for me, so eighth place is a good result. Also, I fought with Norrodin until the last corner and I beat him. However, I didn’t ride with the rhythm that we would have liked, but in the second race I have achieved that rhythm and if the race had been a little longer I think I could have been further ahead. I want to thank my team and my sponsors for believing in me.”

Gerard Riu 11º: “We have a bittersweet taste with the first race of the year. We have been strong throughout the weekend and have done a great job. I was able to start well and stay in the leading group. This was the goal along with maintaining the position to get to the podium. I made a small mistake and it cost me the crash, but luckily I was able to get back on track and pick up good rhythm again. I look forward to the next race because we already know that we can fight for the championship and be ahead of every race.”

Joel Kelso 21º: “In the warm up we have gone one step further with the bike. The race was difficult due to the heat and because there were many falls, but I enjoyed the bike and I overtook positions. We have improved the bike during the whole weekend and we have learned a lot. Ihope for better results in Portimao.”