Feelings couldn’t be more positive this weekend at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve. Taiga Hada made two impressive races in Portimao although the conditions weren’t the best. Gerard Riu didn’t get the result he expected despite giving his best. Joel Kelso progresses fast in his adaptation to Moto3, fighting at every moment and always improving the results in the race.

Once again Taiga Hada got his best results during the last day. In the first race, the Japanese was focused on overtaking positions. After the first laps he was already in ninth place and very close to the eighth. As happened in Estoril, Hada fought with Adam Norrodin for the fifth place but this time he couldn’t beat him and he finished sixth.

In the second race the Moto2 rider made a great start and he reached seventh place on the first lap. After a great battle with Lukas Tulovic he finished in seventh position. It was a very a satisfactory weekend for Taiga.

Gerard Riu didn’t have his best day in Portimao. At the start he was overtaken by several riders after a touch in the first corners and he was forced to overtake from the fourteenth position. He got back the feelings despite having problems with the tyres. Although he had good rhythm he couldn’t reach the leading group. Finally, Riu took eighth place and he is focused on improving the results in Jerez.

Joel Kelso overtook positions again. The Australian is more and more comfortable on the bike each day, which is showed in the results. Lap by lap he got to the nineteenth position but he couldn’t get a better one because the group was divided. He crossed the finish line twentieth. Kelso has shown once again that he is able to score points in the next race.

Anscari Nadal (Team Manager): “I’m satisfied with the work of the three riders. Taiga has had two great races today. In the first race he has achieved the best time of the weekend and he got a very good rhythm. This is the result of all the work he does. Gerard didn’t get a good result and the starting position wasn’t the best. If you look at his rhythm and the time he has made, you can see that he can fight for the victory but today was not the day. Joel has had an incredible progression since the first day. We are working hard and it is being showed in every race. Both he and I are sure that at the end of the season we will be very well positioned. We are going to go for all in Jerez.”

Taiga Hada (R1: 6º / R2: 7º): “I noticed tireness today, especially during the warm up but I was convinced that we could get good results in the races. I had my best feelings with the bike in the second half of the race when the tank was more empty. In the second race the same thing happened and I also had better feelings with the front. I want to thank the support of all my sponsors and the team’s work. The results have been very good and I’m sure that we will arrive to Jerez even more motivated.”

Gerard Riu 8º: “I’ve suffered today. I had a touch at turn 3 with another rider and I’ve had to overtake some positions. It was very difficult for me in the first laps because I felt the grip with the new tyre wasn’t good. During the race I had a good rhythm but I couldn’t reach them. I’m convinced we can get good results and we’re focused on the next race in Jerez.”

Joel Kelso 20º: “The race today went not so bad. Unfortunately we didn’t get to show all our potential. The times were good and I feel very comfortable on the bike. We’ve made a big step this weekend from the first round. We’ll come back in Jerez stronger and better.”


Moto2 – Race 1

Moto2 – Race 2

Moto3 – Race