The team have finished qualifying sessions today in Jerez. There will be five races this weekend: two of Moto2 and three of Moto3. Gerard Riu and Joel Kelso have achieves their best results in a quaifying sessions this year. Riu got the fifht and Kelso got the fourteenth. Taiga Hada will start from tenth position tomorrow.

During the first Moto2 session, the strategy was to keep keep the tires for the second session getting the ninth position. During the second qualifying practice Taiga wanted to improve the result because the temperature was higher. After solving an electronic problem, the japanese rider got the eight position. Tomorrow we will start from tenth place.

Gerard Riu showed, once again, that he has the potential to fight for the victory. He got the fifht best result during the first qualifying session. Riu worked with his teammate but unfortunately he had a crash. Due to it, he could’t improve the time and he finished the twentieth. Tomorrow we will start from the second row, in fifth position.

Joel Kelso has made great progresses today. The Australian has achieved the twelfth best time during the first session, his best result since the begining of the season. Kelso has shown that he has rhythm and he can improve more. He finished twenty-fifth in the second session and he will start the fourteenth tomorrow.

Gerard Riu 5th (QP1: 5th / QP2: 20th) 1:46.921: “Today was a positive day for us, getting the fifth position for the starting grid. Although I had better feelings yesterday the result is good. I had a crash during QP1, but tomorrow I will give my best since the begining. The team is doing a great job. We have found a good setting for tomorrow and we will fight for the podium”.

Taiga Hada 10th (QP1: 9th / QP2: 8th) 1:44.402: “In the first session the tire suffered a lot and we decided to keep them for the second session. In the QP2 we had a problem with the shifter. The team solved it and we tried to improve the result with new tires. I am very happy with the setting and I am sure that tomorrow we will have a good race”.

Joel Kelso 14th (QP1: 12th / QP2: 25th) 1:47.391: “The first session was very good and we were focused on getting a good feeling with the bike. I worked with Gerard and other riders looking for the best lap. I am happy with how the day has gone. It’s the result of all the hard work that we have done since we arrived. Tomorrow we start fourteenth and we will fight to stay in the front group”.

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