The day could not have been more positive for the team in Jerez. The riders have achieved the best results since the championship began. Gerard Riu has reached the podium for the first time after finishing in third position. Taiga Hada was fourth in Moto2 and Joel Kelso crossed the finish line in eleventh position, getting his first points in the championship.

In Moto2, Taiga Hada made a great start overtaking from tenth to fourth. The Japanese held the position and tried to reach Niki Tuuli, who was in third place. Hada kept the rhythm during the 16 laps ending fourth. It’s his best result this year.

In Moto3, Gerard Riu was in the leading group since the race started and he waited for the best moment to overtake his opponents. Riu has had one of its best performances of the season. The AGR pilot pushed until the end fighting for the victory. He did not miss any opportunity, crossing the finish line in third position and achieving his first podium of the season.

Joel Kelso had technical problems before starting that caused him to start from the last position of the grid. Kelso showed his full potential to overtake position. He finally crossed the finish line in eleventh position after a spectacular race. The Australian got points for the first time. He got a very positive result after the intense work that both the rider and the team have done during the week.

Taiga Hada is fifth in Moto2 general standing. In Moto3, Gerard Riu is sixth with 29 points and Joel Kelso is eighteenth with five points. Tomorrow the last races of the weekend will be held. Moto3 races will be at At 11:00h and at 14:00h. Moto2 race will be at 13:00 p.m.

Anscari Nadal (Team Manager): “With Taiga we have been working all weekend ahead of the race. We knew that the temperatura in the Warm Up was too low and we have tried other things then. He made a great start and kept a very good rhythm. He has done an amazing race and I am sure that tomorrow it will turn out the same way. In Moto3 both riders have done a great job. Joel had a problem and he had to start at the end of the grid because they had already closed the pit lane. He started last and he finished on theeleventh position. It is a very good result. He’s talented and he’s going to get good results. Gerard Riu’s podium is the first of many. Tomorrow we are going to fight for the victory. We hope to be able to come out with more podium. The whole team has done a great job. It has been a great day”.

Gerard Riu 3rd: “It is the first podium of the season and I am very happy with how the race went. From the beginning it was a tough race because there were many riders in the lead group. I was able to manage it well and finish in third position. The team’s work has been very hard throughout the weekend. I want to thank them, my family and sponsors”.

Taiga Hada 4th: “I made a good start and in the first laps I pushed hard until I got to fourth place. I have tried to approach Tuuli and follow him, but I have not succeeded. Still, I have learned a lot going after him. We will try to make better results during qualifying sessions. It was a very difficult race but I’m still very happy with the result. Tomorrow we will give it everything again”.

Joel Kelso 11th: It was a mixture of emotions because we had mechanical problems before leaving the pit lane and it forced me to start from the back of the grid. I knew how to stay calm and I decides to try my best. It’s a good result, but luckily tomorrow we will start from qualifying position and we can make a better race and fight for top 10. We need to continue working in this way”.


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