Everything ready for the races of the last weekend of the season. After an intense day of work, the AGR drivers already know the starting grid positions for the five races that will be held this weekend. In Moto2, Taiga Hada will start from eleventh position and Sam Wilford from fifteenth. In Moto3, Gerard Riu took eleventh place and Joel Kelso fourteenth. Tomorrow there will be one race in each category.

In Moto2, Taiga Hada worked preparing the races. The Japanese worked to get the best setup for the bike and he wants to fight for the top 5 once more in the race. Hada was twelfth in the first qualifying session. In the second qualifying, the Japanese improved his rhythm and finished eleventh. Sam Wilforddind’nt have the good feelings that he had during free practice yesterday. However, Wilford gave his best once again to get the best possible time at fourteenth. During the second qualifying, the British has continued working towards the races and got the fifteenth time in the category. Tomorrow they will come out of eleventh and fifteenth position respectively.

In Moto3, both Joel Kelso and Gerard Riu had a great rhythm during the first qualifying. They rode were running in second and third position respectively during most of the season. They showed that they have a chance of getting good results in the races. At the end of the first qualifying, Riu had set the tenth best time and Kelso the thirteenth. In the second qualifying, Kelso had a crash in the first lap. After a great teamwork, the Australian was back on track to improve his times and achieve the best possible position. Riu, meanwhile, also suffered a crash when he was looking for his fastest lap. Tomorrow he will start from eleventh position and Kelso from fourteenth.

Tomorrow the team will play the first two races of the weekend. After the warm up, Moto2 will be at 12:00 and 13:00.


Anscari Nadal (Team Manager): “The day didn’t go as well as it could have. Gerard had a crash in Q2 while was doing a good lap to be able to be in the front row. He had a good rhythm and he will fight to be on the podium. We are very happy with Joel Kelso and we hope to have some great races if he doesn’t get nervous. We know he can do it right. In Moto2 we can do very well with both riders. Despite not having done a good qualifying we have a good set-up. Unlike other races, I think there will be more people to fight for the top 5. Taiga has a good pace and Sam continues to progress every day”.

Gerard Riu P11 (QP1: 10 / QP2: 18): “It was a positive day because I had a good feeling with the bike and we have worked well with the team. We couldn’t do the lap that we wanted to have done. I had a strong crash at the end, but luckily I’m fine. The starting position is not the best, but we will try to stick in the front group and we will fight for the podium. We have a good rhythm for the weekend races and the team is doing a great job.”

Taiga Hada P11 (QP1: 12 / QP2: 11): “In the first session the track was cold and I didn’t want to risk much. We focused on finding a good setup for the bike. We want to find a little more grip on the bike to be able to go faster. I am very motivated for the race and I’m sure I can make a good start. We know it will not be easy, but we will fight for the top 5.”

Joel Kelso P14 (QP1: 13 / QP2: 21): “In the first session I started with a great rhythm and I was riding in second position during part of the session. It gave me a lot of confidence and allows us to see that we are not far from those in front. In the end many riders improved their times, but the result does not allow me to be further ahead. Already in the second session I had a crash in the first lap. The team did a great job to get back on track. Unfortunately I have not recovered the same feeling, but despite that I am happy with the result. I think we can do a good job tomorrow in the race”.

Sam Wilford P15 (QP1: 14 / QP2: 15): “Difficult Qualifying for us after some really strong free practice sessions. But I’m sure we will have what we need to fight strong in the two races here!”


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