The first day of races at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo Circuit ended with a great job from the AGR riders. In Moto2, Taiga Hada was seventh after making a great start and fighting in the second group and Sam Wilford was eleventh. In Moto3, Joel Kelso got the ninth position and his first top ten of the season. Gerard Riu suffered a crash that left him out of the race. Tomorrow the last Moto2 race of the season and the last two Moto3 races will be held.

Taiga Hada made a good start overtaking to the fifth position. He tried to stay in the top positions but the front group kept up a high rhythm. The Japanese fought in the second group with Xavi Cardelús and Adam Norrodin until he crossed the finish line in seventh position. Sam Wilford, who started fifteenth, began to climb positions and he increased the rhythm until he crossed the finish line in eleventh position, very close to the top ten again.

After the Moto3 start, Gerard Riu had managed to overtake positions. Joel Kelso, meanwhile, fell back to twentieth position. After the first laps, a crash for Riu when he was ninth and David Salvador stopped the race after a red flag. The AGR rider, although he left the track on his own foot, could not continue. The race re-started a few minutes later with only twelve laps. Joel Kelso, who did not miss the opportunity and he made a great start that allowed him to reach the tenth position. The Australian kept the rhythm and Kelso fought for the sixth position in the group formed by Adrián Fernández, Lorenzo Felloni, Scott Ogden, Daniel Muñoz. With two laps to go, Joel gave his all until the end and he ended in ninth place achieving his first top-10 and his best result of the season.

Tomorrow the last races of the season will be held. Moto2 will play a single race at 1:00 p.m. Moto3 will compete in two races, at 11:00 a.m. and at 2:00 p.m.


Anscari Nadal (Team Manager): “I was expecting a little more with Taiga’s race it was a difficult race. We know that Sam can get a better start to have a good fast rhythm to fight for higher positions. Gerard’s fall has been strong, so we will see how he is tomorrow for the next two races. Kelso has starred in the positive news of the day entering the top 10. I am very happy, he deserves it and he has worked hard. Things had to work out and he’s talented. It started back and it’s already there. Both he and the team are doing a great job. He has reached the top 10 and he deserves it”.

Taiga Hada 7th: “I made a very good start and I reached fifth place but it was difficult for me to keep up the rhythm in the first laps. In the middle of the race I was riding in similar times to the first classified, but I could no longer reach them and I decided to keep my position for the general classification”.

Joel Kelso 9th: “It was a crazy race. After the red flag I made a good start and managed to get into a good position. From there I started to push and stay focused, so I found a very good rhythm. I am very happy with the result today. I was ninth and it was my first top 10. Tomorrow we have two more races and I will do my best again”.

Sam Wilford 11th: “Tough race for me today. After a strong warm up this morning we were just missing something to be able to go with the next group on track. Tomorrow we get another chance to Improve and make progress!”.

Gerard Riu NC: “We had a good feeling during the weekend. The race started very fast and I was well placed, in eighth position. A rider crashed in front of me when I was ninth, I had a high side and I couldn’t to continue. We hope to have the fit and to be able to run the races tomorrow. I apologize to the team for the fall and we only have to think about the last ones tomorrow”.

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